Hello, Player.

We thought it would be a helpful thing to communicate a bit about the work that we have been putting in before beta, before heading to market, etc. Since NYCC, we have been extensively fixing bugs, upgrading our audio (NYCC build had zero, remember), trying new ways to instantiate GPU fire, lining up what we need to for networked players, and we got to add in a new feature for games 5 and 6, a board that can redesign itself on the fly to further enhance the gameplay. We, egocentric monsters of classic gaming that we are, refer to it as SanoStar, a solution for each unbreakable block to navigate around the others in real time. This gives players a functionally unlimited number of experiences as far as board layout is concerned, opens up some new game modes, and just generally adds to things.

Also? We have a trailer for it. With narration.




Fancy, fancy, fancy.

I asked our technical side to evaluate and write out a status report from their end, which I will now present to you. I think messenger copy pasting is the text-based version of shaky handheld camera, so here goes. 

"where are we at: game is nearing feature and asset complete (likely asset complete, just need to make sure everything flows, especially 1, and 3) finishing touches going on final unfinished stages (no players have really seen new stages yet, so unsure how much to reveal here) server and backend nearly 100% complete, scoreboard features entering final test phase audio artists and engineers nearly complete with design, implementation right around the corner

whats next: internal testing and tuning phase coming up, short span, making sure game is fun, balanced, and functioning after that short period, we can launch beta! during this time, we will be gathering as much information as we can from the players and game itself! using the data we gathered we can make final changes, and do beta build #2. if everything is stable, and works well, we can release the game to the public!

the future: constant updates based on tracked data, and player feedback. potential new server features and modes we've discussed in the past"

Ok, back to work.

See everyone soon!